Thursday, 1 December 2016

Brittons' Brilliant Book Fair

Over the past week the Library has held a very successful book fair where staff and students were able to buy books, posters and other stationery for themselves and as Christmas presents.

As a result we have received over £360 of books in commission, to add to our Library stock.

Thank you to Mrs Handley and Mrs Ridgely for all you hard work with the book fair.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Enterprise Day Final Results

Following a successful Enterprise Day on Wednesday 23 November, one Learning Family from each House was chosen to go through to the Final.  The theme for this year’s Enterprise Day was chocolate.  Teams had to create a new chocolate product and come up with the name, ingredients, slogan, packaging and advertising campaign.  The Final presentations took place on Tuesday 29 November.  The finalists were:-

Mandela House (MA8)
The "Smile Bar" which was one large lip-shaped milk chocolate with popping cream and strawberry flavours.  Their slogan was: “Make yourself happy with a smile”.

Moore House (MO9)
"Moorealicious" which were 'M'-shaped chocolates with honeycomb inside, packaged in House colour (gold).  Their slogan was: “Moore, Moore, Moorealicious”.

Shakespeare House (SH2)
"Joy" which were strawberry, orange, mint and toffee flavoured chocolates packaged in House colour (purple).  Their slogan was: “Pure chocolate, pure joy”.

Westwood House (WE6)
"Sharlokta Rosa" made of white rose-shaped chocolates with strawberry flavouring.  Their slogan was: “A mouthful of roses”.

All teams showed they had considered cost/profits, advertising and their target audience.  In addition, they were all planning to donate part of their profits to charity.

All four presentations were of a high standard and the results were very close.  Well done to all the finalists – you are all winners in your own right.

The final results were as follows:-

1st      Shakespeare (SH2)
Team: Luke Wheeler, Emillie Dady, Lennon Crandle, Kadi Bayliss and Kalli Bowdler

2nd     Moore (MO9)
Team: Frankie Brown, Rakin Suleiman, Frankie Hastings, Tamara Logie, JayJay Ejakita and Connor Gardner

3rd     Mandela (MA8)
Team: Kyra Wright, Bethany Godbold, Jack Webb, Asher Rollins, Harry Cross and James Miller

4th      Westwood (WE6)
Team: Sensini Carbon, Courage Musoke, Sofie-Ann Sargeant and Harry Amoah


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Year 7 Local History Trip

On Tuesday 22nd November, 6 students from Year 7 visited St Andrews Church and the war memorial in Rainham village as part of an after school history project focusing on remembrance.  They have been studying the heroic acts of  Airman Raimud Sanders Draper during the Second World War.  The girls showed a huge amount of enthusiasm and interest.  Next week they will be making a remembrance wreath and designing their own memorial cenotaph.  Well done girls and thank you to Mrs Martin, Mrs Gilbert for accompanying the students.  A special thank you to Miss Latino and Miss Lavender who organised the event.

Chocolate Enterprise Day at The Brittons Academy!

One of our main aims at The Brittons Academy is to make a difference to the life chances of every student. We want to make sure every student leaves the Academy life ready and prepared to succeed in their adult lives.
A key element of this are the PRIDE attributes; these are qualities that employers look for in people when making appointments.

Enterprise Day is an annual event that consciously aims to develop the PRIDE attributes. This year the focus was chocolate. Students had to develop ideas around a new chocolate product considering the name, slogan, packaging, cost and advertising.

During the morning, students worked in their Learning Families show excellent team work, perseverance and creativity. A group was then chosen from each Learning Family to present in front of their House in the afternoon. As I went round the school I saw students really enjoying working together in their teams, they were coming up with brilliant ideas and were totally engaged and on tasks.

Presentations made during the afternoon were the best I have seen (here and in my last school). Students spoke with confidence and clarity and the audiences were incredibly respectful. It was one of those occasions where I was incredibly proud to be the Principal at The Brittons Academy.

A panel of judges chose a winning team from each House; they will now go head to head to decide the overall Academy winner (early next week). Look out for a future blog showing the winning teams.

Thank you to our students for being so engaged and productive. Thank you to the staff who were very competitive and enthusiastic - it made the day go so well. Finally, thank you to the judges who gave up their time to make the very difficult decision of choosing winners in each House.

Many thanks to Mr Mugombe and Paula Hissey for their help organising Enterprise Day and to Tracy and Kevin from Paragon Learning who planned and created all the activities.  

Brittons' Shine at the Jack Petchey Award Ceremony

It was a privilege and an honour to attend the Jack Petchey Awards Evening at the Queen's Theatre on Wednesday 24th November and witness our students being recognised for their fantastic achievements.

Jack Petchey is a highly successful businessman man from humble beginnings who has given a great deal of his hard earned money to support young people and help them achieve success. The Jack Petchey Awards Evening is an opportunity for young people to be recognised for their achievements in school.

This year eight of Brittons' students received awards:

  • James Miller
  • Vicky Tanimomo
  • Joseph Coello
  • Demi Parker
  • Taylor Ellis-Smith
  • Megan Wren
  • Chantelle Orriss
  • Fahim Khan

Congratulations to you all - we are all very proud of you.

An additional award was presented to Maria Martin for her dedication and commitment to The Brittons Academy. Thank you Maria, you are a true star and we are all grateful for how much you support students and help them to succeed.

During the evening, there were a number of performances. It was a pleasure to watch two Brittons' students sing so brilliantly in front of a packed audience. Well done to Fahim (Jackson) Khan and Ella Rose Scott. You were brilliant!

Thank you to the staff, friends and family who came along to support and cheer for our award winners.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Brittons Wins Drum Competition

On Thursday 17th November, the three schools from the Empower Learning Academy Trust, Brittons, Hall Mead and Bower Park, took part in a three way drum workshop and competition. Ms Barrell escorted the students from Brittons who performed extremely well. The quality of the drumming was exceptional. Mr London, the Headteacher at Hall Mead, emailed me to say, "The drumming competition is superb. Our students are enjoying each-other’s company and the standard is excellent... Brilliant event."

the students from Brittons who took part were:

Jennifer Beal

Jarif Ahmed

Joe Coello

Darryl Shillingford

Jehu Kyari

Ryan Ashiter

This was a competition and the overall winner was Jehu Kyari. He will receive a P5 for excelling in the event. Darryl Shillingford was the best drummer from Brittons - well done Daryl – you will receive a P3. All the students will be awarded P2's for taking part. Thank you to Ms Barrell for making the event possible.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Congratulations to the class of 2016

Congratulations to the class of 2016 on another successful year of exam results for TBA.  The new Government measure for judging schools in exams is based on the progress made during their five years of secondary education.  Every single student is included in the measure.  The class of 2016 achieved the best progress ever seen at the Brittons Academy.  Given that every students contributed to this success - well done!

There were a number of students who did exceptionally well by achieving a large number of very high grades (A*/A).  Jamie Lacy, Bepul Shahab, Abbie Maulkerson, Suzan Yetismis, Vinel Maisurya, Samantha Tayler, Emma Howard, Daniel Agyei, Tahiyya Chowdhury, Ideal Buzoku, Thema Archer, Edi Salihu and Selma Mert all had average grades of A* or A across their 11 GCSE results!

Other students made excellent progress from their starting point in Year 7: Jay Imbued, Ellie Tobin, Vicky Tanimomo, Merrely Hondi, Stacy Aluebhoseli, Tahiyya Chowdhury, Cristian Belmiro, Aljena Vassiljeva, Selma Mert, Emma Ireo, Edi Salihu, Samanths Tayler, Jamie Lacy, Foyez Jitu, Shannon Law, Jack Alexander, Vinel Maisurya, Suzan Yetismis, Harley Jones, Riyad Hacib and Rajesh Jasal all achieved at least one whole grade above their projected grades across all subjects.  (Many of these also achieved very high grades and appear in both lists!)

It is clear that the students who worked hard and committed to their studies achieved success in their exams.   Thank you to all my staff for their very hard work and support - your commitment to the students is very much appreciated.